Batching Controller


CM9-06 consists of high speed batching indicator and electric control in a simple system. Batching indicator is manufactured by using surface mount technology .It is small in size with sophisticated software. Simple installation. Easy to operate .It is a transportable batching controller system. The quantity of aggregate can be batched according to the set point stored in CB920X, CB920X is a high speed batching indicator which control all the batching procedure .Up to 4 kinds of material can be batched .all the component are imported to ensure the quality of the product. It is suitable to use in construction site or small concrete batching plant.

CM9-06 Concrete Batching Controller


Durable and reliable
Remote control by low voltage supply, easy to operate and safety
Socket connector to simplify the installation and disassembly of the system
Dust proof and water proof cabinet which suitable for most of the working environment
Durable control cabinet
Set point value can be entered via keyboard
Digital display shows the weighing data directly
Coarse, fine and dribble flow control is used to increase the batching accuracy
All control logic is supply by 24 VDC
Compact in size and easy for transportation

Dimension 300mm(W) x 450m(H) x 250m(L)
AC power supply
AC220V (25W)
Operating temperature
-10¢XC ~ 40¢XC
Operating Humidity 90%(non-condening)