Intelligent batching controller


CB2800 is an intelligent multi-function batching controller which can be used in various fields including concrete, chemical, food, asphalt, metallurgical and animal feed industry. Due to its flexibility, a sophisticated batching system can be easily built by using CB2800 together with relay output, relay logic/PLC, data input terminal, printer and mimic control console, etc. The system can control up to 16 weighing points, 2 production lines and 64 ingredients simultaneously. Recipe table and various reports are stored and can be simply printed on printer. PLC function is provided, user can design the control sequence on their own..

Intelligent batching controller


Miniaturized size with SMT technology and high conversion rate indicator to achieve better batching accuracy
Built-in clock and calendar
Can be configured to control up to 16 weighing points, 2 production lines and 64 ingredients. (Standard version : 4 weighing points, 1 production lines and 32 ingredients.)
Dynamic allocation of formula memory storage capacity purely depends on the number of ingredients, not less than 1000 recipes can be stored
PLC functions are built-in to simplify external relay logic design
Self testing and diagnostic functions
Automatic taring
Automatic free fall compensation
Automatic coarse and fine batching control to improve accuracy
Automatic tolerance checking
Automatic printing of batch report which indicates the date, time, sequence number and actual consumption of individual materials after each batch
Production summary showing the production total of each formula
Material consumption monitoring
Material flow monitoring
Plant status monitoring
64 relays output can be controlled (Standard version 32 relays output)
32 opto-coupler can be input (Standard version: 16 opto-coupler input)

*Tailor-made software can be provided to meet special requirement of customer

Mains Supply 220V/380V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 140VA
Line Filter Built-in
Isolation Transformer Built-in
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)
Relative Humidity 90%, non-condensing
Computer Interface RS232 serial interface
Printer Interface Centronic interface
Supplied Accessories
Instruction manual
Manual Control switch Panel
250mm (H) x 500mm (W) x 350mm (D)
64 relays output (standard version : 32)
32 opto-coupler input (standard version : 16)
Optional Accessories
High speed weigh indicator
Input/output control board
Tailor-made manual control switching panel
uninterrupted power supply
Dimension 1000mm(H) x 600mm(W) x 260mm(D) approx.
1)General batching
2)Concrete batching
3)Animal feed batching
4)Asphalt batching
Buffer Relay - Max 220V AC, 5 AMP, direct drive.